Saturday, April 20, 2013


Hello readers, so the sensational Swiss tag team of JP Kalonji and Johan Walder will be signing and sketching for fans here at Pulp's Art on the afternoon of May 3rd from 14,30 until 19,00 and May 4th from 11,00 till 16,00.

Johan Walder is an illustrator active in the BD, Animation and Gaming industries, he has these BD's to his credit,

and of course he has a brand new art book just out from ourselves, The Labyrinth and Trinquétte,

JP Kalonji has been published by Akileos, Glenat and Paquet in Europe and Dark Horse in N America,

JP has also worked for music producers and festivals, NGOs and makers of fashion ware and sporting goods and yes like Walder he's just released an art book with us,

We are still discussing with the chaps how many sketches they think they can manage in the time frame and once we know this I will post details of how we will orchestrate the event.
Meanwhile, please make a note on your calendar or in your dairy because you wouldn't want to miss this amount of fun.

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