Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Hello readers, well Star Trek Into Darkness proved to be cracking entertainment, one hopes that the whit, energy and entertainment JJ Abrams and his team brought to this grand daddy of SF franchises can last through to their endeavours to rejuvenate Star Wars.

And so to this week's new books and it was only a couple of week's back we announced a great looking new art book for a terrific new game and yet here's another,

HC 184pp Color Black + White
Dark Horse
The new game from the mischievous mutts at Naughty Dog studio sees a pandemic having broken out across the globe and it's turning people into decidedly unmagical mushrooms, terrifying fanged fungi mutants in fact. You'll play this game as a couple - comprising of a middle aged man, Joel and a young women, Ellie - needing to traverse an even more ravaged and paranoid USA than normal in the hope of locating sanctuary.
Dark Horse have already brought you gorgeous game art books for Mass Effect, Remember Me, Bioshock and Dragon Age and this book is right up there with the best of them for its quality of images and design, which combines aspects of The Road, Mad Max and Resident Evil, from what will clearly be a terrifying and compelling gaming experience.

OK we stick with a ravaged and plagued world with,

HC 40pp Color
Insight Editions
40 large poster sized pages can easily be taken from this book and placed where ever you need an image to scare the dickens out of your self and fellow Zombie/Walker fans.
All the principal characters are featured from the first 3 series of the hit TV show, based upon the top selling comic book series, Walking Dead and there are some promo posters to round out the package.

(NB. We have a similar collection for the excellent Game of Thrones series.)

Last but no means the least of the arrivals is the latest collection of,

HC 200pp Color
Titan Books
The latest in the to be comprehensive reprinting of Alex Raymond's SF masterpiece covers the years 1941-44, when these classic stories must have served as a welcome distraction from the suffering of WWII.
Flash, Dale and Doctor Zhivago - wasn't it - are still stuck on the planet Mongo, where Emperor Ming is still being merciless!

Finally the fear of the leak we experienced a few weeks back is gone and we're returning books to those shelves but in a departure from before, we're having two new sections, our copublished Trinquétte books and a selection of bargin books, the latter being great books but now at great prices.

Tune in next week, when I hope to announce the arrival of John Byrne's Fantastic Four Artist's Edition!

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